13 February 2011

Over Under

Maybe I have been listening to too many podcasts about sports that all eventually talk about gambling, but last week in church I could not help but let my mind wander to other things. So I came up with a betting table for sacrament meeting. For example: I could be the bookie arranging bets on Fast Sunday. You could bet against the odds on whether someone was going to be the one to bear or not. I would arrange an over under for the ending time. Which reminds me, Eli asked me about Fast Sunday, and at the end of my best five-year-old explanation, he asked which one was ‘slow’ Sunday? I told him the third Sunday, High Council Week.

Our house really likes The Office. When the opening jingle plays, the kids stop what they are doing, run to the sound, and watch intently until it is over. An episode around Halloween really disappointed me though. In the episode, Michael goes to a website called monsters.com. The website has all kinds of roars, screams, and other monster sounds that he plays around with. Well, I went to monsters.com and it is nothing like it was portrayed on the show. I was so sad. I really wanted to get some monster sounds. This is one of my disappointments in life: Not enough websites with monster sounds.

Update wise: all is status quo. I am really eager to get out of winter this year. Rebecca is every year. The kids don’t care either way. I feel like I write this exact thing every February. One of you ambitious readers can go back and look at past posts and let me know. Once Groundhog Day passes, it drags until baseball gets going full speed at the end of March. March 21 cannot come quickly enough.


Hendricksonblog said...

This post makes me laugh. In our ward you could bet money on whether or not a camel is mentioned at some point in a testimony. the odds are very very good. NO joke!
Do you watch Men of a Certian Age?

Ray Romano which I've said before reminds me of you but anyway it swears a ton but for some reason its not offensive and I love it. Anyway my point in that is that Rays character has a gambling addiction so I thought of that w/this post.
If you don't watch it, start! One of my favorites and trust me I have a lot to choose from.

I am ready for winter to end too this year which is odd for me but i too think I said the same last year about this time.

Anonymous said...

What is with the Camels? Seriously?

I grew up with baseball and I love to play but watching is so painful for me.

Natalie said...

Just as long as you donate 10% of your earnings, and a generous fast offering, I think it's a great idea! Run it by your bishop at the next ward council. I'm pretty sure the new hand book and world wide leadership training meetings covered that.

Let me know how it goes, and maybe we could franchise it! I'll take over the Oregon wards and branches.

Daniel Coleman said...

What's the over/under on how many kids under 10 bear their testimony this week? I'll take some of that action. And I might get in on the longest pause between testimonies.