02 June 2010

Soda Flop

Many of you have written about your soda pop addictions. Endless stories about your daily need for a Diet Coke, Dr Pepper, or Tab. Soda pop has also been a previous topic for me, written about at least as a couple paragraphs about how I successfully quit drinking all things carbonated and caffeinated.

Well, throw that right out the window. I blame the flavor. Or perhaps my overwhelming need for flavored drinks? Whatever the excuse, I am back on the wagon, or is it off the wagon? (Seinfeld?) I was doing so good for over 2 years. Not a drop of a caffeinated or carbonated beverage. Then a rootbeer float slipped in. I made excuses that it was okay because, c’mon! Rootbeer Float! So one rootbeer float progressed to several rootbeer floats a month. That progressed to 2 or 3 in one sitting. Later came an upset stomach-which I haven’t had for years by the way. Everyone knows the best treatment for a bad belly is Sprite or 7Up. So I caved in a had a Sprite. And then more rootbeer floats. Now its pretty much game on. I lost the battle. I drink Sprite, Rootbeer, or Canada Dry whenever I feel the need. I can blame others to some extent, every hospital has a refreshment fridge for us when we bring patients in by ambulance. There is always a Sprite or a Rootbeer staring me in the face. Its hard to say no to free stuff.

So soda days are back on. I am still doing good on caffeinated drinks, still haven’t had one for nearly 3 years now. But, oh how I crave me a Cherry Pepsi. Maybe addictions never go away?