16 May 2009


Again, I am bored and feel I have something to say. In all honesty, I just like to write and hope that at least 2 people are entertained by it. Plus, we just got back from a 911 call at work, and I don't like going back to bed when we have to be up in less than an hour anyway. Are those enough reasons for you? Just read on.

The other day I had a dentist appointment. I have a couple theories I want to share with you. First, what is about dentists that make them feel they have to talk to you? I was laying there on the table, the dentist has a tool in each hand and both of them are in my mouth that is stretched as far open as I could possibly stretch, the dental assistant is also close by, with a high pressure squirt tube and a suction thing, both of which are also about to go in my mouth, and the dentist says, "So what are your plans for the summer, Chad?" Is this guy serious? Don't get me wrong, I love my dentist. I continue to drive all the way out to Magna for this dentist, because he is good. (Side note: in all the cliche's of the world, of course a dentist in Magna will be good right...he has lots of business!) Anyway, I tried to answer the guy's question, to not be rude, but I have yet to master the technique of talking when there are two hands, 10 fingers, a scraper, a drill, a high pressure water hose, and a suction device in my mouth.

My other theory on dental hygiene. First some background. My parents always took me to regular dental check-ups every six months my whole life. I also was a very good teeth-brusher. ( I have always wondered why it is called a toothbrush when we use it on multiple teeth) At least morning and night. So consequently, I never had a cavity. Then came time for me to go on a mission. In the mission field, you do not have regular six month dental visits. Due to this, I decided to be even better and start flossing regularly. So for two years on my mission I brushed multiple times a day, and flossed at least 4-5 times a week. Then I come home from my mission and start the regular check ups again. First check-up says I have 15 cavities. Holy crap right?!?! I never expected to have worse teeth than Flavor Flav. So I get the cavities done and decide to stop flossing. I floss twice a year when the dental assistants do it for me. They always lecture me about flossing and that I need to do it or I will get cavities. I have not flossed more than a handful of times since I came home from the mission (Aug 96), other than the times when the dental assistants do it as part of my check up. I also have not had a cavity since coming home either. So all that background info gets me to the point: Flossing is a tool of dentists to keep them in business. It cleans your teeth to the point that it keeps new, fresh bacteria constantly invading the space between teeth. I am convinced on this. Nothing you say will convince me otherwise.

I had another story to write about from work, but now it is wake up time and I have daily chores and equipment checks to get done, so I must leave you in suspense.