06 October 2009

Monday Morning Quarterback

I'm going to be "monday-morning-quarterback" to Chad's decision to proclaim himself a Jets and Packers fan.

My observations and thoughts, in no particular order:

• The Jets and Packers both had losing weeks that exposed their weaknesses. This is the test of a true fan. Will you stick with them through thick and thin? Through the good and the bad? Through wins AND losses? Will you Chad?

• We watched the Packers lose to the Vikings last night, and while I can say that Chad was none too happy (especially with Rodgers and his penchant for holding the ball too long), I didn't sense the frustration and emotion that comes from a true fan.

• I did sense a tiny bit of uncertainty. It might have something to do with the whole confusion of rooting FOR the Packers but AGAINST Brett Favre. (Seriously, how can you not like the guy?) But maybe it was a glimmer of doubt and regret for picking the Packers as his team. I'm not sure I see the conviction in Chad's fanmanship.

I think Heidi makes a valid point when she says if you really want to be a fan of a specific team you have to give up fantasy football. So Chad, would you be willing to give up fantasy football for your team(s)?

As a final note, I'd just like to extend a welcome to all the BYU fans who became Colts fans this week thanks to Austin Collie's breakout performance. Your stay with the Colts may be short, but it will be enjoyable. It's good to be a Colts fan!