12 February 2010

Groundhog Day

I absolutely love Groundhog Day. My deep infatuation stems from the movie for sure. Loved that movie. Still love that movie. It ranks on my all time top 5 with Gross Point Blank, Karate Kid, Ghostbusters, and Encino Man. I have made every analyzation possible of each of the above movies, but more so with Groundhog Day.

There are so many creative moments of genius shown in this movie, yet so many things they could have also done. I have always hoped for a sequel or a full length deleted scenes release.

Have you ever thought about the things you would do, if you had your own personal Groundhog Day? Well, I have. Quick synopsis for those that have been deprived of seeing this film: A weatherman wakes up each morning and it is groundhog day, again and again and again, for years presumably. Only he doesn’t start over, he remembers each day, knows that he is stuck on the same day. So what would you do with your own Groundhog Day? Number 1 Groundhog Day activity for me? Dominoes. As in long trains of dominoes that you knock down and they make cool pictures and so on. Not the pizza. Yep, I would spend day after day learning how to make really long trains of dominoes to knock down. I guess it wouldn’t be day after day because its my Groundhog Day right? I would also learn the piano, the yukalaylee, and the guitar.

If only Groundhog Day were during baseball season. I could get half the stadiums done in one day! Did I mention that is the major item on my bucket list? To see a baseball game in every major league stadium.
Bill Murray (the star of Groundhog Day) used to own the Salt Lake Trappers. Funny how so many things revolve around baseball.

Did you hear about how PETA wants to sue the Punxatawny Phil

caretakers for poor living arrangements? Seriously? He probably has it better than most of Kearns. (Trust me on this one, I have been in a lot of the houses there.) Seriously, that’s ridiculous.