31 October 2010

Eff Ewe Murphy

I've been good. Tried to be responsible. Held out for so many years on getting a nice TV...even after watching so many friends, family members, and complete strangers all upgrade to such nice equipment. I saved (somewhat). Worked extra hours. Worked a second part time job. Been trying hard to not get consumer debt. Finally, the time came that I felt like we could upgrade. So I did. Brand new 1080 P (whatever that means) LCD big screen, flat screen TV. Love it.

Two days later: Washer dies. (true, this should have happened years ago. I have had it for almost 10 years. I bought it for 25 bucks. It is a 1959 (I think) Maytag, so it should have been somewhat suspected, but this week? After getting the TV?)

Four days later: Disposal goes out.

Four days and one hour later: forget debt free. Its time to live it up.