11 February 2009


I have to call BS on this last post.  You hate video games.  You hate that I play video games.  There are 10,019 things you would rather do than play video games.  At least the entertainment console kind, the war games, the sports games.  For whatever reason it doesn't count if it is a word game or text twist on your computer.  Anyway, I am not trying to start a fight here, I just think your post was a little bit less forgiving than I think you are with video games, that's all.  (and for the official record, I let you win DR Mario just to keep you interested in playing.)

I will concur that time flies while you play video games.  Just today I played a few games of Madden and before I realized it, I had played 7 weeks of the season and 4 hours went bye-bye.  That's excessive, even to me, but at the same time it is nice to have days like that sometimes.  

I thought the video game talk would spawn a little more conversation than it did.  I have ideas for next posts, but I want to put it to a vote.  I am trying to avoid getting political on here, but Rebecca and I have some different political views that it may be entertaining.  I was also considering discussing some of the cliche's of Utah that bother me, mostly about certain people.  Someone suggested a discussion on guns....ideas?  I realize that there are only about 5 of you that read this, but let us know what would be most entertaining to you.  I could also just ramble on about my extreme thoughts on about everything and let Rebecca respond as she cares to, but I want to be entertaining to you guys.  My goals of this blog were to do something that would spurn fun conversations and allow me to practice my writing skills that are quickly deteriorating.  I have always considered myself a good creative writer, sorry I am not proving it to you all on here.  Anyway.  I guess this ends the Video Game discussion.  So the census is, "play on Chad."