01 December 2008

More On Books

Chad Says:
Ok, well, I also read for entertainment, not sure how that was even brought up as an issue. I also think it is entertaining to read things that educate. How is that not entertainment? I didn't say I like to read things that require me to figure out long story problems or anything that requires major thinking. Though, if additional research is required, all the better. I remember reading a book called Endurance, and there was a lot of ship jargon in the book that required some additional research to learn what the terms meant. That was fine with me. Anyway, like I said, I am not asking anyone to stop reading, but in Rebecca's case, even if she cut back half of it, she would still be reading a book every 3 days.

Anyway, it appears the comments so far are for Rebecca. However, I feel a little outnumbered here because it seems the blog world is predominantly female. You stay at home mom's are ganging up on me! I like the blogging world because I feel it helps me maintain my writing skills. I have always enjoyed writing, that's why I majored in it.

To sum up my thoughts on books: I love to read. I love good books. In my opinion, good books are mostly non fiction books. Historical. Factual. I love that Rebecca enjoys reading. I am not trying to choose any books for anyone, all I want to say is when you pick up a book, its okay to set it down before you read every page!