01 December 2008

More On Books

Chad Says:
Ok, well, I also read for entertainment, not sure how that was even brought up as an issue. I also think it is entertaining to read things that educate. How is that not entertainment? I didn't say I like to read things that require me to figure out long story problems or anything that requires major thinking. Though, if additional research is required, all the better. I remember reading a book called Endurance, and there was a lot of ship jargon in the book that required some additional research to learn what the terms meant. That was fine with me. Anyway, like I said, I am not asking anyone to stop reading, but in Rebecca's case, even if she cut back half of it, she would still be reading a book every 3 days.

Anyway, it appears the comments so far are for Rebecca. However, I feel a little outnumbered here because it seems the blog world is predominantly female. You stay at home mom's are ganging up on me! I like the blogging world because I feel it helps me maintain my writing skills. I have always enjoyed writing, that's why I majored in it.

To sum up my thoughts on books: I love to read. I love good books. In my opinion, good books are mostly non fiction books. Historical. Factual. I love that Rebecca enjoys reading. I am not trying to choose any books for anyone, all I want to say is when you pick up a book, its okay to set it down before you read every page!


The Sumsions said...

AGREED. Like I said in my prior comment, it too drives me crazy when someone reads and reads and reads and can't be bothered. My mom was that way too and it bugged the crap out of me when we were little. We knew we were having leftovers when mom was in the middle of a good book. Frankly, I don't read too many books. After reading zillions of documents all day at work, it's hard to want to read anything at all. But now that I don't do that, I read occasionally. I burn out easily when it comes to reading. So, although you said the girls are ganging up on you, if I HAD to pick a side, I'd pick yours - like you said not because of the type of books, but because of the whole can't put it down thing. P.S. - I'm liking this blog.

Stacie said...

Okay, another stay at home Mom opinion...Sorry! I have to say, I can understand both sides. I know that when I am reading a book that really interests me, I have an extremely difficult time putting it down. There are days when Alex (11yrs old) will fix dinner for his little brothers, and times that the dishes and laundry wont be touched for days, as I get addicted to what ever book it is that I'm reading. But to me, a book is just like a movie, the only difference is that the movie starts and ends much quicker. We can go from beginning to end in about 2 hours. I would never leave a movie theater half way through, because a hungry family was waiting at home. Just as I wouldn't turn off a DVD to do the dishes. I want to know how it is going to end. A book holds the same interest. I know that the words will still be there, and that my book mark is holding my place, but I just can't bring myself to walk away, I want to know what will happen next.
Luckily for me, Steve is very understanding and supports my strange obsessions, and patiently waits for my book to be finished, but I know, secretly hopes that I'll finish the laundry and maybe restock the freezer meals before I start the next book.

Rebecca said...

Stacie- I love that Alex fixes dinner for the other kids. I can't wait til mine are old enough to do things like that! Steve is a good man for being patient.

Aimee said...

I dunno, Chad. I might be with you on this one. I enjoy reading, but I am never in a hurry. I have read some of the "vampire" books, but not all. It is the holiday season and I do have three kids and a husband. Therefore, I have not finished all of the books in that series.