20 November 2009

Was It Worth It?

Yes folks, I am talking In N Out. We waited, as you may know, for about one hour and 45 minutes to eat at In N Out in Draper yesterday, the locations opening day. We are considering camping out over night for the opening of the West Jordan location, just to say we did. So my question is was it worth it? We think so.

We love In N Out burger. It is a regular part of our trips to Disneyland. We almost always stop in either St George or Vegas. It stands alone in quality, taste, and every other burger category. We are not afraid to spend some of out time getting something we like.

Yes, we know we could have waited a week and decreased our wait time, but we view that as having to wait an extra week. Nearly 2 hours is much less time than 1 week.

Critics have accused that we like it so much because it previously was not as accessible to us? Time will tell, but I don't think this is true. Another restaurant we absolutely love is The Waffle House. Unrivaled in waffle making, the closest Waffle House is in Denver. About 4 years ago, Rebecca and I decided to drive to Denver to eat at Waffle House. Denver is an 8 hour drive each way. Luckily, we had friends in Denver to visit as well, so we threw that in there as another reason, but ultimately all we wanted was a waffle and plate of hash browns, diced, covered, and smothered from Waffle House.

Are we the only crazy ones here? I know you all have something equivalent in your lives...and we want to hear them. What would you drive hours for, wait hours for, or do "anything" for? Leave us a comment and tell us what it is you would do and what you would do it for. What would it take? Don't be shy.