07 December 2010

Inspirational Times

A few years ago today, Pearl Harbor got rocked. Lest ye be confused, not the good kind of “rocked” that Def Leppard penned lyrics to. The “meet me after school at the church” rocked. In the days that followed the Pearl Harbor disaster, America stepped up to the plate and smacked in RBI after RBI. I have mentioned it lightly before, but that generation is so inspiring to me. Citizen and celebrity alike stood in line to join our armed forces. Those who could not qualify for military service obtained medical training, or worked in factories to build war machines, or did something. They did not lead protests against our nation, or give interviews calling our leaders cowards and murderers. A truly inspiring generation. I love their stories, I love the books about those days, and I am mesmerized when I happen to meet those who remain.

So this is my thank you to them, and to former and current soldiers of all time. Revolutionary War, Civil War, WWI, WWII, Nam, etc etc etc. Thank you thank you thank you.