19 June 2009

Lessons on Sports For You Female Readers

Don't let the title fool ya, this will be informative to all you stay at home soccer mom's that I have come to realize are the main, probably only, readers of these posts.

So I was thinking about this the other day. So many women hate it when the men of the house watch sports. I have often wondered what the big deal is?
Is it because there are so many sports on TV? I battle this argument with the fact that a straight comparison between televised sports and all the shows you women watch: Bachelor, American Idol, Lost, Found, Survivor, any one of the 10 dancing shows, America and Talent, Bachelorette, etc etc.... would reveal that you have many more shows to keep up on than we have sports to watch. So that's not valid, to me.

I have heard other arguments that so much time is wasted in front of the television. That may be the case in some homes, but I am approaching this from the standpoint that husband x works at least a 40 hour week, takes care of the yard whether it be mowing the lawn or shoveling the snow, and does his fair share of other duties around the house. Yells at the kids when they act up once in a while, takes out the garbage when it is too stinky for wife x to do so, etc. So we are throwing that out as well.

Actually, I am throwing out all arguments and offering my explanation without responding to a specific antithesis.

Guys get together and watch sports to bond. Yes, it is that simple. Here's where I relate to my feminine side... Think of it as book club. I know if this were a cartoon, a light bulb would be hovering over half of the heads right now!
So its not a light bulb, but every Simpson's fan knows that if Homer is thinking of a doughnut, it represents a good idea!

Again, I digress. So yeah, book club. You women think that you have us fooled. That you really get together on a monthly basis to talk about the book you have all passed around the neighborhood. Yeah Right! We know better, and we are okay with the fact that you really want to meet up to catch up on all the latest gossip. Perhaps you discuss the book for 10 of the 90 minutes or longer. We understand that you need that time. That's what sports watching is for us. A book Club of sorts for the men. Even though very little conversation is necessary at our meetings. A simple high five, or shared excitement over a great play can transfer more information than the hours of gossip you divulge.

So just as you live vicariously through the damsel in distress that is saved by a vampire, we too cheer on our teams or favorite players because in some small way we escape to that stadium as well. You have book clubs centered around Harry Potter stories, we have the Los Angeles Angels. You have Edward Cullen and Bella Swan against the Vulturi and Demetri, we have the rivalries like Yankees versus Redsox, Giants and A's, Packers and Vikings, and on and on and on. It really comes down to the same thing. So go to those book clubs and discuss the affairs of the neighborhood and so and so's sex life, but leave us to our sports.

Go Angels.