05 October 2010

Okay, Chad, you win.

Let's talk about Halloween. Costumes to be more specific. I've been digging through our costume box trying to come up with something for all the many, hip Halloween parties we will most certainly be invited too (You know, like the kid's school parties and the ward trunk or treat). There's slim pickin's in that box but I think I might be able to put together something. I'm thinking I could pull of a good Hermione Granger from Harry Potter (I do love my teen fiction). The frizzy hair look should be easy since that's what my hair always seems to do without any coercion. All I would need is a magic wand so I could work on my Patronus charm to keep away Dementors. Or I could just go without it.

I also found a fun pink, striped 50's style skirt and shirt that I could probably do something with. I'm thinking either Sandra Dee from Grease or Barbie. But I don't have the legs to pull of Barbie so I'd probably go with Sandy.

The best thing in the box was something that looked like this little beauty (minus the sickle).
I guess you could call it the Grim Reaper look. The whole faceless thing is pretty creepy. I chased my kids around the house in it for a few minutes (minus the sickle). It was great fun! I think this will be my choice to wear while handing out candy on Halloween night.

For the parties, I'll probably just go with the easy choice: a pirate. It's a popular choice in our household. Simple to throw together, comfortable, and you can wear an eyepatch: what's not to love?

So, do you dress up for Halloween? If so, what are you planning to wear? And if not, is it because you're too busy waiting for The Great Pumpkin? Because he's not coming.

Oh, and Chad, I found a red and white polka-dot shirt with your name on it. I'm thinking Minnie Mouse. I'm sure Tierra would let you borrow her ears.


Anonymous said...

It's in RED!!! Hi Rebecca.

I haven't dressed up since I was 20 and that was a LoNG time ago.

I love doing costumes for the kids and I love dressing up the house I love making treats, but not the costume for me. I might paint my toes black, maybe black glitter!

Natalie said...

I'm not a fan of dressing up. However, I would like to borrow your grim reaper costume. I think I need to chase my kids around.

Aimee said...

I am a fan of dressing up. I love it. This year I will be a Pirate for the youth activity, a witch for Witchapalooza at Gardner Village and a werewolf for a neighborhood party. Now what do the kids wanna be?

3 "Pease" in a pod said...

I think Rebecca's idea is great Chad!!!