05 October 2010

Open Letter To Rebecca

Remember when this blog got started and it was called “He Said, She Said”? Remember when it was designed to be a friendly spar of sorts between the sexes? Remember when you, the readers, liked it best when Rebecca posted things? We have all been forsaken here. You have been forced to read my endless ramblings about nonsensical gibberish. It’s not my fault, however.

Me too, barely.

Dear Rebecca:

Please come back. You are so full of ideas and opinions that you should share on here. Why have you abandoned us? Is it because you don’t have time to write down the opinions you share orally? Are you too busy reading teen fiction? Did the keys on your keyboard secretly change around on you so that when you type it comes out all dyslexic and unintelligible?

I think your fears and concerns are unfounded. You have valuable words to share with the entire cyberspace universe. Won’t you come back? Pretend it is a book that others are reading and dying to know what happens next! Suppose there are readers hanging on your every word. If nothing else, humor me.

Isn’t the point of marriage and family to do things together? This idea was hatched by both of us, after a conversation with your mom. Your side of the family. I agreed, thinking it would be a joint operation.

The point is, it just looks flat out ridiculous to call something He Says She Says, when it is only “He” saying it.



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