27 October 2010

Costume Ball

As promised, I am responding to Rebecca's post down yonder.

The red and white polka dot shirt did not fit. I tried dressing as a fat middle aged man, but couldn't find the right costume. So, we decided to go to Mickey's Halloween Party in Disneyland instead. I dressed as a Ghostbuster, and Rebecca dressed as Hermoine from Harry Potter. Or something like that. Oh yeah, we left the kids home, which is my new favorite way to do Disneyland.

I love Halloween, but I have a weird approach to the holiday. I have this need to have a cool costume. If we are going to dress up, we need to go all out right? Okay, maybe not "all out," but its fun to get into the spirit.

The Halloween Party at DL is a must do for any Disneyland fan. They close the park off early, and you have to buy a special ticket to stay inside and go trick or treating. All the candy you can carry if you really go after it. There are characters all around, photo ops not available during normal park hours, etc.

So yeah, we get into Halloween here. I usually have to work on Hallow's Eve, and this year is no different. So on the actual date I guess I will dress up like a Fireman. It's a popular costume, but I make it look good. (Yes, Angie, that really is me.)


Hendricksonblog said...

Does the person who follows you around to take photos get to dress as a fireman too?
I wanted to see a picture of all your candy. That does sound fun minus the super long drive to get there.

Natalie said...

All the way to So Cal just to dress up and get candy? You must like your Halloween. Of course, I'd probably do anything to spend time away with the spouse minus the children. I would even dress up.

We're going to a halloween party tonight. I'm dressing as a housewife, and Neal's dressing as a lawyer who just got home from work and put on his "after-work" clothes. I already have my pony-tail setting and my sweat pants ready to rock!