22 October 2009

They're playing "our" show

For the sake of accuracy in blogging, I need to clear up a few things:

1. We have all the fixings for rootbeer floats in our kitchen. Chad, did you look in the freezer? That's where we usually keep the ice cream.

2. Chad only watched a Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) results show
with me so it doesn't really count. He has to watch the entire performance show to get the full, glitter-ball impact.

3. I find it amazing that Chad knows so much about a show he so rarely watches. It seems he's well acquainted with Bruno and his "excited" voice. And, no, he didn't google it for the purpose of his blog post because he made the same comment to me as we were watching the show.

All that being said, there is no need to worry that we will adopt DWTS as "our" show. I prefer to keep that, along with all other reality dancing shows, as my own personal guilty pleasure. I'm lobbying for Trauma to become our new show. Chad's pushing for Friday Night Lights. I think either would be a good choice.

So do you have a show (or shows) that you watch together as a couple? Or as a family? Aside from sports, Chad and I almost never watch TV together. The kids love to watch the dancing shows with me. I'm on my own with Lost, although sometimes Tierra will join me. I kind of prefer watching Lost by myself. What about you? Do you prefer to watch your favorite TV show(s) alone or with company? And who has a hankering for a rootbeer float right now? I know I do!


Chad said...

found the Ice Cream, it was the other important ingredient we were lacking. Damn, if you are right! I wanted a RBF so bad last night!

Julie said...

You guys are so funny! We never watch TV together. Justin 's favorite shows seem to have to much blood in them for me (boxing). His idea of watching a show with me is to make fun of it until I give in and let him have the TV. We occasionally watch Jay Leno, does that count?

Natalie said...

We watch "The Office." But even that is spotty these days. Throw in enough church meetings, and I guess it pushed tv out the window.

I used to follow Lost all by myself, but I gave up. And I used to watch Heroes, but that got too hard to follow. I guess that's what we get for being so old fashion and not having cable/dvr.

Hendricksonblog said...

Im going to make a list and you decide if we/i have an addiction or not.
together we watch
used to watch ER but dave thought it jumped the shark long ago
Greys anatomy and Brothers and sisters but we both call it Bro's and Ho's and I think Dave watches the first just because I do not because he loves it.
Law and Order
Law and Order SVU
The office
Modern Family
Lost (although on netflix because we dont want to wait either)
Now i will add what I watch alone
Parks and Recreation (im still not hooked on this show but it passes the time while I run)
Glee (I highly recommend this show)
Amazing Race
there is a new one with Ray Romano coming up that I will add to mine and Daves shared DVR (yes I have my own)
30 rock
Ugly betty
I also like 20/20 and crime shows
I really liked Dexter but it just kept getting sexier and sexier so i quit it. The story line is awesome though.
I know I am forgetting a few at least. Sad huh?
The good thing in all of this addiction is that I run or do the elliptical while I watch all of these and then i drink root beer floats when i am done. Ok just kidding I dont like rootbeer floats. I like each separately but not together (blaspheme I know)
Sorry longest comment ever but hey your speakin my language

Kristi Kroeger said...

We only watch 30 Rock and Community together on Thursday nights. But we watch Wipeout in the summer with the kids. Is it sad that our two year old laughs hystrically when people bouce off teh giant red balls?

Aimee said...

I'm not sure how I missed this post. But, having seen it now, I must comment.

Together we watch: Flash Forward, 24, The Office, sometimes Dexter (if the kids are asleep), Law and Order

I, myself, watch: Survivor (can't miss it. . . we used to watch it as a family but then Flash Forward had to go and ruin that), Biggest Loser

We live for nights that we can actually sit down together and watch a show. Usually we have a million other things that make it so that we can't - Young Womens, Scouts, Soccer, Dance, Activity Days.....

Anyway, that was a fun post. Much better than the lame Jazz one above.

Anonymous said...

Chad, so glad found the ice cream. I was worried. LOve the tv, but we are usually watching Phineas and Ferb or Wow Wow Wubbzy. Jared and I love Iron Chef and we are loving the Next Iron Chef. Jared loves The Office, I watch just to watch with him. I think How I Met Your Mother is the funniest show on tv. We love House Hunters International, but we usually end up watching sports. We do get excited when we find Arrested Developement on somewhere, that show was awesome. Love me some tv!

Anonymous said...

yes April, that is alot!!!!