25 September 2011

Gender Roles

Maybe by the time this post is finished, it will contain enough to elicit a response from Rebecca, since this is a "He Says She Says" blog after all. When was your last post Rebecca? 1994?

I absolutely hate ironing. H. A. T. E. it. With this hatred comes bad feelings, cursing, evil speaking, bad thoughts and on and on. That said, I have had to iron a shirt about 20 times in the last month. It all started with some online shopping from Kohls. I needed a new white shirt, and Kohls was having an online special for a wrinkle free white shirt. Perfect right? I was hooked, lined, and sinkered right away (that's a fishing reference). I couldn't wait for my new shirt to arrive. My previous wrinkle free white shirt had served me well. Faithfully keeping the wrinkles off and being wearable right out of the dryer week after week. At about age 10, it gave up the ghost. The other white shirt in the closet was not wrinkle free. It was more like the birthplace of all wrinkles. A wrinkle extravaganza. It required the services of a seldom used item in our house...the hot iron. After just one episode of the hot iron, I started shopping. That's where Kohls comes in. So the day arrives that the Kohl's shipment also arrives. I think I was excited for this as I was for the release of Achtung Baby. I tore open the package like a 6 year old at Christmas. I took it right to the washer and washed it. Then I put it in the dryer. When the dryer buzzed I was there to take it out. Imagine my dismay to see a horribly wrinkled shirt. How could this be? I was mortified. I read the label. No mention of wrinkle free anywhere. As the anger in me began to rise, I once again fetched the iron and ironed out the wrinkles. I did that for the next 5 weeks, including today.

Here is where I interject this thought: Shouldn't my wife do the ironing?


Natalie said...

There is no such thing as wrinkle free.

I have a problem that started in high school. I started ironing all my shirts and most of my pants - even t-shirts. Neal has always been the best pressed guy around. Around the time my second kid was 2, I decided I could no longer live that way. I grounded myself to ironing only Neal's shirts and any nice-ish shirt I had. That was a good decision. I think it was good OCD therapy.

I'm the only wife I know that irons her husband's shirts. All the other wives tell the guys to "iron your own damn shirt!" I think you may get that response from your wife. Sorry.

J said...

I iron Stafford's shirts only because he doesn't care. He will wear it wrinkles and all. That bothers me so much that I iron for him. Maybe you should look into downy wrinkle releaser? Stafford's allergic, but I've heard good things about it.

The best wrinkle free dress shirts are from Brooks Brothers. They actually call them "non-iron". They are a big investment, but they come out of the dryer not only without wrinkles, but they look pressed!

Anonymous said...

Yes. The wife should do the ironing and I do, it's called a dry cleaners! Just put them in a bag Rebekah and drive them to the cleaners. YOu will feel like you did the ironing and you won't have to lift a finger!!!

Ironing is for chumps!

Julia said...

Chad...I'm about 150% sure Brad would be happy to do your ironing. Even your t-shirts, from what I understand. Just stuff it all in a bag and drop 'em off in Murray...