21 March 2010

Randomness of Spring

I figure I can't be a huge fan of Groundhog Day and not post on the official first day of Spring. One of my favorite lines from Groundhog Day is when the guy stops Phil Connors in the hall of the bed and breakfast on the first morning and asks him, "You think it will be an early Spring?"
Phil replies, "I am betting March 21st."
The guy then says, "You know, I think that actually is the first day of Spring." Classic. My other favorite line (out of so many to choose from) "Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn't one today!"
Groundhog Day. Best movie ever.

So it is the first day of Spring today, despite the fact that I think it snows more in the Spring than it does in the Winter anymore. I don't remember ever craving the warmth of Spring and Summer before like I do this year. I really badly want to be sitting on a beach and swimming in the Ocean.

Can anyone tell me the point of twitter? I signed up out of curiosity. I sent emails to a few celebrities inviting them to follow me, but they aren't. I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

Back to Spring. I am not sure what happens in people's heads when the weather turns warmer. Speaking from a work perspective, they get stupid (er). Don't get me wrong, for the most part stupidity keeps us in business, so it's not all bad, but it is comical. Many people, by my guess, would say that Winter and snowy roads is responsible for an increase in car accidents. I have learned that is wrong. Seriously. Its true there are wrecks when the snow covers the roads, but for the most part they are minor slide offs and such. When the weather warms up, drivers are anxious to get out on drives and see the country. They put the top down and "cruise." Well, they also crash. It happens every year. The first couple weeks of warmer weather we always respond on an increase of car accidents. Bad ones too. People are more confident on the dry roads. The drive faster. They drive more carelessly.

A few years ago, on a nice spring day at work, we were in Spring fever mode as well. So much so that we had a huge water fight using the fire hoses on the fire truck...one of the perks of our job. It started with one of the guys splashing a cup of water at someone who was sleeping. That led to a filled up bucket, which led to a bucket of water being thrown on one of the guys that was studying from the books, and before we knew it it was a full fledged everyone-versus-everyone water fight. Like I said, fire trucks and hoses were used. This went on for about 30 minutes. We were all soaked to the bone as they say. I would have been more dry if I were wading in a shoulder deep swimming pool. The only reason it ended was because we got a medical call. So we respond to a house for a call to a choking child. We didn't have time to dry off. We just hopped in our trucks and went. When we arrived, dripping wet, the caller met us at the front door and said that the kid was okay, he had choked the hot dog out a few seconds before we got there. I asked the mother to bring the kid out to us so we could avoid soaking her home with our dripping wet clothes. The looks we got when we arrived were priceless. We could tell the family wanted to hear a story, but we kept it mysterious. I should go start a water fight right now.


Hendricksonblog said...

I hate those wreckage photos yet they are so intriguing at the same time. Why? I like water fights and Im a bit jealous of that aspect of your job. Not the rest though.

Natalie said...

That is hilarious! A guy Neal served with in YM was a captain, and was taking a shower when a call came in. He just had time to throw on his fireman top clothes without anything underneath. Turned out to be a call where he spend hours at the mall with just his nakedness under his fire coat.

Hendricksonblog said...

im always naked under my clothes, arent you guys?

Kristi Kroeger said...

If Chad writes in blue and Rebecca writes in red, who is writing in black?

Chad said...

Guest writer this week.

Anonymous said...

I am naked right now.