08 September 2009

My fantasy world

Last night Chad and I spent well over an hour participating in a live on-line draft for a fantasy football league we play in. Last week we drafted for another fantasy football league that Chad commissions. Today I've been trying to decide who I should start and who I should bench in both leagues (Rivers or Manning? ). In case you didn't know, I love fantasy football!

I've been playing since 1999, before I met Chad. I was a huge NBA fan at the time but wasn't too interested in football. A friend of mine convinced me to play so I thought I'd give it a shot. I've been playing every season since and I LOVE football. Over the years I have taken 1st place once and 2nd place 3 times. I've managed 11 teams and been commissioner twice. I also played fantasy basketball for a few years (I was commissioner twice and placed 1st and 3rd) but have since given it up. I even played fantasy hockey for a couple of years (I know nothing about hockey, but it was fun and I took 1st place!). If you didn't think I was a geek before, you do now!

So what makes Fantasy sports so fun and addicting? For me it is the competition. Sadly, I am very UN-athletic so growing up I never really participated in any sports. My competitive drive is resigned to manifest itself over board games (Scrabble anyone???). Over the years I've become a big fan of sports. Since I lack the ability to play, I have discovered the joy of being an observer. Fantasy sports gives me the chance to be more of a "participant" than I ever was before. It's the perfect medium for us athletically challenged sports-lovers.

I've got some great players on my teams this year. I managed to snag Peyton Manning last night. As Chad said, he is my favorite player. But Chad's wrong when he says I only like him because he's cute. I like him because he's got amazing accuracy, great leadership, a strong presence in the pocket and a very fine backside. AND he's cute! My Colts are the best, but I also like the Giants (I just love the Manning bros!) and the Packers. I want to like the Cowboys because I really like a lot of their players, but I'm just not sure I can bring myself to say I'm a Cowboys fan. I've always loved T.O. so I might have to cheer for the Bills this year. We'll see...

I'm excited to have another female playing in our friends and family league this year (yay McKayla!). So how many other Fantasy Football playing women are out there? I know I'm not the only one. How about football fans? Who's your favorite team and player(s)? And most importantly, are you ready for some football?!??!??


The Sumsions said...

I just posted below so I won't repeat myself but I am a women who LOVES FOOTBALL! Wish I had a team, though (again, see post below). I'm the same way with March Madness. I watch next to zero college basketball (even though I like it) but I watch lots and lots of it when March Madness rolls around! I just love to do it because I like the competition. I've won the pot a couple of times so that makes it fun.

My hubby has done fantasy football but I never have - maybe this is something I should consider. Good luck to your fantasy team!!!

The Sumsions said...

I didn't mean that I had a "post" but a comment on Chad's post - duh!

Hendricksonblog said...

I only watch baseball for the butts. I watch football with Dave every now and then. I love to watch Basketball (and play even though Im not that good). I like how green the golf courses are. Never done fantasy anything though. I do like to gamble but its against my religion (;

Aimee said...

I always thought I was a cool wife because I love sports. I love to watch sports (not so good at playing). I even give Jer a play by play via texts if he can't watch. But, now I feel weak and threatened. Jer sits and repeats over and over while reading this post: "Chad married one cool chick." Hmm. I can no longer keep up with the Simons.