05 May 2009

Enough Already.

I am so tired of the lies from Washington.  I am so sick and tired of the President that is trying to win the Homecoming King popularity vote more than he is trying to lead the Country.  I think the problem is that he does not know how to lead.  He knows how to "dupe."  His teleprompter knows how to lead him through articulate speeches and how to wow the people with his fancy rhetoric.  After a blubbering Bush, he sounds like a Saint right?  We are in serious trouble.  It is time more of us realize this.  I do not want to wake up one morning and wonder what happened to our Country.  This slowly whittling away at our way of life is so scary.  

I am also extremely confused by Hussein Obama's latest pledge to go after corporations and investors that have foreign accounts.  He says that the United States will not stand for people who hide their income in off shore savings to avoid taxes.  Excuse me, but didn't half of his cabinet proposals have tax evasion issues that he was willing to overlook?  And now he wants to go after the little people?


I hope you are all paying close attention.  This whole deal with Chrysler has basically outsourced another American Company and sold out to some European company that also makes huge contributions to American campaigns for elected positions.  

We can make a difference.  We do have a voice.  If we do not use our voices, we will wake up one morning living in the Former United States of America.  I am too tired to post links to the things I have referenced above, but simple google searches will provide sources.  

We are not doing much better locally.  Keep a close eye on the actions of the RHINO Huntsman.  (republican in name only).  His Socialistic policies are taking our State right to the levels Rocky Anderson wanted SLC to go.  

Sorry to go on a rant about Politics, but hopefully it gets at least one more person thinking about things.  Check back later this week for another entertaining, non political, post.  I have stuff to say all of the sudden!!!


Anonymous said...

Chad go watch Scrubs!

Chad said...

Angie: I already watched scrubs!

Danielle said...

I've been reading your blog today and I wanted to comment. I went to school with your brothers but now live out of state. Anyway, I think you & your wife are hilarious!!

The other day on Yahoo I saw something like 'Huntsman in 2012' and clicked on it (what happened to Mitt?!) and was APPALLED at what I read. WOW. I had no idea. Anyway, pretty scary stuff - I hope the people of Salt Lake wake up soon.