19 April 2009

More Two Cents

To be honest, I was hoping Rebecca would be a more active part of this blogging thing.  How can it be a "He Says She Says" column when only the "He" is posting?  So I have read the comments, and I have had numerous conversations "off-blog" and am ready to offer my two cents about the whole political spectrum of things.  

As disappointed as I am that the American people basically got duped into voting for a completely incompetent moron, I believe we are being counted on to just lay down, roll over and play dead for 4 years and possibly 8.  I think the majority of dissatisfied America is just taking it as it comes and complaining on the side, waiting for time to fly by and hope the least amount of damage is done.  

I disagree with this approach.  I believe one person can make a difference.  Not by themselves, but it takes one person to rally others to move into action.  Letters, emails, phone calls to senators are great, but I think that often times these senators/representatives are set in their ways and stick mostly to party line beliefs.  I think the better ways to make a difference are to get people involved.  Rallies?  Perhaps.  Though not practical.  We need to be watch dogs and hold those accountable to perform the way we voted them in to perform.  When they don't do that, we need to let them no and stay true to our belief systems and ideas.  This Republic was created by men with complete fairness and individual representation in mind, and so many checks and balances were placed into our Constitution to ensure that we keep the proper leaders in place.  When things start going "South", like they have been for years now, we need a strong voice to stand up and direct people to enforce change.  I am hoping those that read this will spark something within them to begin to demand change... or if you are not looking for change, then let this work within you to ensure your views, opinions, and ideas are heard...and not just one who will roll with the punches.  

That said.... I am throwing this out there.  It requires no explanation.... Vasectomy or Hysterectomy?  Maybe this will get Rebecca to participate again.  If not, then I am going to just launch a blog for me to share my opinions with any who care to read.  I love to write.  I love it more if people are reading it, getting entertainment from it, and encouraging thoughts and participation from readers.  That's that.  


Hendricksonblog said...

uhhhh really???
Thats a big can of worms.
I will wait to comment after I see what you get.
One little tidbit though.....Im not sure one is considered any sort of an elective surgery. Just a thought that there may be no choice in this opinion war.
Your one gutsy guy Chad, cant wait for Rebecca's rebuttal.

Michelle Jensen said...

I would say Vasectomy I had a tubal ligation and just the recovery from that was worse than my brother in law when he had his vasectomy. I ended up so sick for 3 weeks and almost hospitalized. The recovery sucked!!! I would not recommend a hysterectomy at a young age either my sister had one at 30 and it has totally thrown her off she is harder to live with since she had it done and even with hormone medications they still can't get her mood swings and volital ways to calm down. So if it were me I would say the woman deals with all the pain of carrying babies for 9 months, pain from the delivery and the after pains also, so that being said a man can handle 2 days of uncomfortableness in his life time. I only wish my husband wouldn't have been a wuss and done it himself!!!

The Sumsions said...

This has been a discussion at our house and I will throw in my two cents. First, hysterectomy is different from tubal ligation (having your tubes tied as they say). If you're young you don't want the hysterctomy in which all of your woman insides are removed. Not good. I have had two male friends who had vasectomies and the recovery period is not that bad. Plus, as some say, the woman has to give birth and/or be pregant, so can't the man just get the snip - come on!! There is one good point to the tubal though. I read that more and more woman are getting a mini tummy tuck at the same time as the tubal. If it can all be done at once, maybe I can justifiy it, right? I told the man in this house that I might consider the tubal if I can have the tummy tuck at the same time. He is so afraid of the snip that he says "go for it." Hmmm? I will wait to see what other comments are made, but there is a good chance that it won't be me who gets the surgery.

Anonymous said...

Snip Snip....'nuff said. It will be easier for you now to have the procedure vs. Rebecca going in. It's easier for the woman to have it done at the same time that she had the last baby, but not after as a seperate surgery. Can't wait to find out what you do?

Hendricksonblog said...

just keep em coming until the parts fail, isnt that how God intended it after all?

Stephanie said...

Vasectomy. She's suffered enough. It's your turn.

You asked.