23 January 2009

Video Games

I fear this may open up a can of worms.  For those of you expecting Rebecca and I to have an online argument each time we post here, sorry, we hope to not do that.  Our goal is to just offer our opinion on various topics and sound off each other.  Obviously, we have different opinions, and perspectives, and somehow we try to make them mesh into a family.  When the different opinions do rise, well, I usually get my way because I am the man.  (jab jab)

So I wanted to start a little discussion for input from all who read about video games.  I love video games and think there is nothing wrong with having them as a part of your life.  I still play video games quite regularly.  (I am on my fourth dynasty season with the Green Bay Packers on Madden 07, I need one more win out of the next 3 to secure my spot as a wildcard team for the playoffs).  I love shoot em up games.  I do not think that video games are to be blamed for kids being to violent or aggressive in real life.  I blame parents for not teaching their kids a little more about reality versus fantasy and video games.  

That said, I do get very annoyed with the kids that do nothing but play video games.  It frustrates me to no end when my scouts stay home from an activity to play Halo with their friends.  Video games are fun, great, and entertaining, but when I played video games it was because it was raining outside or my friends were grounded.  It was a third or fourth choice after other options didn't pan out.  It seems today's kids use it as option number one.  I blame the parents for this one too.  Teach the kids to be creative and active.  Get outside and see what color the neighbors house is.  A great opportunity to do this would be while you are toilet papering their house, unless I am your neighbor. 

My whole point of this is two fold:  one- to share my opinion that there is nothing wrong with a little hand eye coordination training on the Xbox, two- it is sad to me that parents leave the teaching of their kids to a computer or something other than themselves.  Anyone want to play some Techmo Bowl?


Anonymous said...

Ok....I like video games. A few years ago Jared gave me a GameBoy for my birthday. It was awesome. One year for Jared's Christmas, I found a Super Nintendo and I found Mario Kart. That was awesome.

We love to play games. We have a Wii and Jared and I will play it after the kids have gone to bed. So much romance. I don't mind the kids playing, but I too feel it should be a last resort. We did play a bunch during the Christmas break and we are still trying to wean the kids from thinking they can play everyday.

I however refuse to buy the yucky violent games. I don't need them. We are content with the E games.

I vote for video games. Love them.

The Sumsions said...

Ditto Angie B. Video games are good, as long as they are not a priority. I don't like the shoot em' up type and would rather my kids not play or my hubby if I can control it. My reason for no voilent games is that there are other games just as fun, and not that they make kids violent, but let's not put any ideas in their heads. Also, a lot of those games have tons of foul language too. I love Techmo Bowl and Wii!!

Michelle Jensen said...

I love video games and yes I will admit they are addicting but I would NEVER let my kids skip out on school work, scouts, or mutual for a video game!!! The best video game that we have ever invested in is the Wii Fit!! The kids can't sit on their butts and hold the controller they have to actually stand on the console or run in place on the floor. I admit it even has me and Jeff watching less TV and more physical activity!! How more entertaining can yo get then Guitar Hero seriously???

As a parent I do set a standard that they can't have violence or crude language in their games either. So Neeldess to say my 2 oldest sons hate me when it comes to shopping for playstation games cause I won't let them get just anything.

But I can also agree with Rebecca that nothing beats a good board game either!!