24 January 2009

Shmideo Games

I have often complained about video games to Chad, and I do have my reasons, but I'm not completely anti-Xbox.

My biggest complaint with video games is that I suck at them. Seriously. I must have terrible hand eye coordination. (Chad can't be much better since I'm the Dr. Mario champion of the house- Ha ha!). I tend to win only at games like Tetrus. And I like to win so I don't play many other video games.

One of my lesser complaints is how much time people spend on something so brain-numbing. Gamers (and certain teenagers and husbands) will play video games for hours and hours. How can that be any more stimulating than watching TV for hours and hours? Does anyone think watching TV for hours and hours is okay? (unless, of course, there's a Lost marathon playing). 

It's obvious that most kids these days don't get enough physical activity. Computers and video games are just another reason for kids to be sedentary. When I was growing up we played outside nearly every day. Whatever happened to playing pick up games of kick ball in the street?  Or building "club houses" from old wood scraps?

Times have changed, and while there are things that really bother me about video games, it's not all bad. The Wii phenomenon has proven that video games CAN be more physically interactive, which is great. We don't own a Wii, but I've played at friends homes and had a blast boxing with Chad and throwing spit balls at teachers. I would love to get one someday.  I've also come to realize that playing video games can be a great family bonding time, just like a good old-fashioned board game. Of course maybe I'm just old-fashioned because I still prefer board games. Now there's something I can win at. Anyone up for a game of Scrabble? Chad?...

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Hendricksonblog said...

My only issue with those things is when (i wont name names) so and so calls to ask if you have done your visiting and the person being asked says "i just havent found time" yet they play WOW every night for 2 to 3 to 4 to five hours. Other than that I think they are grand. I dont like them being an excuse for bad parenting or lack of time to get other things done. So Dave just misses out on sleep and nothing else and thats okay........oops did I name a name.